Derbyshire Photography

Having grown up surrounded by the hills in a small Derbyshire Village, the landscape around me has always been the driving passion for my photography.
Miles of Limestone walls created by the enclosure act govern the geometry of many of the areas I love to visit. For some reason about twenty years ago I became fascinated by stone walls and how they were constructed, I indeed myself learnt how to build them over one long hot summer. The idea that the stone that was being used to create regulated areas for farming, and the fact it was been being quarried from only a few miles up the road started to make me think of the hours of labour that went into creating something that most people just walk past and ignore.  And so I began photographing walls.
There was also the history of the lead mines that once produced much of the lead used by the world, the mining process leaves scars on the landscape that create lines and shadows in the daytime sun.
And then we have the vast swathes of Hawthorn trees, that blossom with a briliant white flower and then spawn red berries later in the year.
All of these factors have an influence on my photography, and that is what I have tried to capture in the images I am now exhibiting to the world.