Stuart is an award winning Writer and Director, films include The Telephone and Starman. He is the founding director of the Wirksworth Film Festival, a weekend long festival based in the market town of Wirksworth, Derbyshire UK.
Stuart has extensive experience working on both television and film, having worked on a number of short films, films and development of television over the last twenty years.

Skills Include

Script development and editing
Production development
Pre Production - Budgeting and Scheduling
Camera operation
Editing - Premiere Pro and Devinci
Post Production 
You can find Stuart's IMDB link here

Silent Shadows (2024)

Silent Shadows explores the world of a hired killer where a sense of stealth and secrecy operates in this film noir thriller. A Indie short film made by award winning writer and director Stuart Wheeldon.  Produced by FlashHeartFilms Written and Directed by Stuart Wheeldon

The Collector The Collector is a Indie Horror Film, produced by Nineladiesfilm and directed by Stuart Wheeldon

The Collector - Coming Soon!

Award winning director and writer Stuart Wheeldon, known for his spine-chilling horror productions, has officially announced the release of his latest short film, The Collector. Starring Nigel Barber in the lead role, this upcoming horror flick is expected to leave audiences at the edge of their seats.
Following the success of his previous horror-themed productions such as In Limbo and The Telephone, Wheeldon is back with another captivating story that promises to deliver frights and excitement unlike any other. The Collector is a 20-minute short film that takes you on a terrifying journey through the eyes of a man who has stumbled upon a dark secret kept hidden for years.
The film's star, Nigel Barber, is a seasoned actor with exceptional acting skills who has been working internationally on stage, in film, television and radio for many years and worked with some of our industry's most gifted contributors including Sam Mendes, Christopher McQuarrie, Robert Mullan and Tom Cruise.
Through his impeccable acting prowess, Barber brings The Collector's main character to life, embodying the fear and desperation that comes with being trapped in a terrifying situation.
Talking about the upcoming production, Wheeldon stated, "I'm thrilled to be working with Nigel Barber on this project. He is a true professional and is perfect for the role of our protagonist." He further added, "The Collector is a unique production that I believe will appeal to horror fans and thrill-seekers alike."
The Collector's release is planned for later this year, with an official trailer expected to drop soon. The film will be available to watch on multiple platforms, including Youtube and Vimeo.
With a talented cast, an award-winning director, and an intriguing storyline, The Collector promises to be the horror thriller of the year. Keep an eye out for updates on the film's release date and prepare to be scared out of your wits!

The Telephone

A modern indie horror film which achieved success on the international film festival circuit, winning over 30 awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Script. Featuring Nigel Barber and Bern Deegan. Produced/written/directed and edited by Stuart Wheeldon.


The Film follows the journey of homeless ex-paratrooper Mark and his bid to survive. His chance encounter with local woman Lisa helps him to realise his final mission: that of returning to his extra-terrestrial roots. Featuring Nigel Barber and Mia Mills. Produced/written/directed and edited by Stuart Wheeldon

In Limbo

When three friends decide to go away for the weekend, none of them counted on encountering the urban myth that is Black Eyed Children. Dreams are invaded and they must fight to save not only their physical bodies which have been frozen in a trancelike state, but also their souls which wander alone trapped In Limbo. Featuring Nigel Barber, Bern Deegan, Rachel Prince and Rebekah Bowman. Produced/Written/Directed and Edited by Stuart Wheeldon


Dreamscape short film was filmed and edited in 48hrs. The film explores the surreal world of dreams through the eyes of an unnamed man. Written/Directed and Edited by Stuart Wheeldon